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Employability engagement and support provision and the labour market transitions of young people.

Led by Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSI), we are collaborating with the University of Edinburgh to undertake research, through a PhD research project, into youth employability in Clackmannanshire. The research will examine:

“There are a range of employability initiatives intended to facilitate young people’s transition from school to employment. It is not clear however whether Scotland’s multi-layered, multi-sectoral employability offer provides complementary supports, addressing the different aspects of employability, or manifests as unnecessary and/or ineffective duplication. Nor is it clear how young people navigate options and services or how these feature in the decisions they make around preparing for work. There is a need for a better understanding of the variety and interactions of informal/formal provision, of the conceptualisation of employability than underpin services and how the mosaic of provision is experienced by young people themselves.

Through a longitudinal qualitative case study of young people’s engagement with employability services in Clackmannanshire this project will cast light on these issues. First, the study will map the types of support they access and examine how employabilty is conceptualised in the academic/policy literature. Second, the study will conduct two waves of interviews with young people to unpack their decision making around engagement with, and perceptions of, employability services – and what value is placed on different forms of activity and interventions. Additional interviews with service providers/policy actors will examine their understanding of what employability means, how this shapes provision and perceptions of institutional constraints and opportunities. The findings will feed into a knowledge exchange workshop with stakeholders orientated to collaborative reflection of future employability provision in Clackmannanshire and Scotland.

Contact: Charlotte Zealley

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